The TNA District Educational Scholarship is an educational scholarship sponsored by the Tennessee Nurses Foundation (TNF) to all TNA District Associations in an amount up to $1,000 per fiscal year. TNF’s fiscal year is July 1 through June 30.

RN applicants must be a member of the TNA District Association of which you are applying and have been a continuous member of TNA for at least one year prior to the scholarship application, OR applicant shall be a non-licensed RN student in a nursing program within the TNA District Association you are applying. TNA members cannot be awarded outside of their own TNA District Association.

TNA District Scholarship Criteria Scholarship Application Deadline
District 1 D1 Criteria D1 Application Feb. 15 D1 Website
District 2 D2 Criteria D2 App & Reference Form April 15 D2 Website
District 3 D3 Criteria D3 Application Feb. 28 D3 Website
District 4 D4 Criteria D4 Application  March 12
District 5 Waiting for Updated Material Waiting for Updated Material D5 Website
District 6 D6 Criteria D6 Application April 1 D6 Website
District 8 Not Yet Available Not Yet Available
District 9 D9 Criteria D9 Application  April 1
District 10 D10 Criteria D10 Application  March 31
District 12 D12 Criteria D12 Application  March 15
District 15 Waiting for Updated Material Waiting for Updated Material

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