TNA Provider Workshop                                           TNA and TASN Joint Convention  
June 6, 2014                                                                    October 10-12, 2014  
                                                                                           Embassy Suites, SE-Murfreesboro
                                                                                                     Details Coming Soon   

Welcome to the tennessee nurses association

The Tennessee Nurses Association was formed in 1905 to establish law that would regulate nursing practice. It was not until February 14, 1911 that a law was finally passed that authorized a Board of Examiners and established the title “Registered Nurse”.

Today TNA continues to advocate for nurses and the profession of nursing through legislative action, policy development, excellence in nursing continuing education and coalition building. As the only “voice of nursing” in Tennessee, TNA works for all nurses…support the association that supports you.  Click on Join/Renew now for member benefit information and a secure online membership application.

To take advantage of all our website has to offer go to Click Here to Login or Register in the upper right-hand corner, and register for our site. If you have questions, call 615-254-0350 and one of the TNA staff will be happy to help you. Partnership

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