Congratulations to the following Scholarship and Grant Awardees and

Contest Winners!


TNF’s TNA District Educational Scholarship

TNA District 1, Stephen Kirkland

I would like to extend my gratitude for being awarded the Educational Scholarship for District 1 of the Tennessee Nurses Association. I will work diligently to ensure the scholarship is well used in my academic endeavors. As I strive to achieve my academic goals, I hope to learn and grow as a student nurse so that I may assist TNA in its efforts to promote and protect the registered nurse and advance the practice of nursing to assure a healthier Tennessee.


TNA District 3, Melissa Blanks                  

 Thank you so much! I am very honored.





TNA District 3, Melanie Morris

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the TNF’s TNA District 3 selection committee for this scholarship award. The funds will provide valuable assistance towards the expenses related to completing my doctoral work and fulfilling my educational goals. The award is indeed a blessing, and I am most grateful for this kind and generous support.




Maureen Nalle Memorial Graduate Nursing Scholarship 

Carissa Nicole Myers, BSN, RN

I am extremely honored for being the recipient of the TNF Maureen Nalle Memorial Graduate Nursing Scholarship.  Thank you for your generosity as this scholarship will assist with financial burdens.  As I continue with my Doctoral education at East Tennessee State University, I will be granted more opportunities to advance my knowledge and accomplish my goals as a direct impact of receiving this scholarship.  I plan to attend a professional conference and a review course to better prepare myself for graduation and practice as a future AGNP.

Amount received: $2,000




2017 Scholarly Writing Contest Winner


Alicia Johnson, RN

Thank you, TNF, for the generous award!


Click HERE to read, Incorporating Evidence-Based Practice into Daily Practice 


Amount received: $1,000 plus a FREE one-year membership in both the Tennessee Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association




Arthur Davis LPN to RN Scholarship (2015-2016 Winner)


Julie-Anna Perkins, LPN

I would like to thank the Tennessee Nurses Foundation for the scholarship to help advance my education and career. I’m eager to start this new chapter and blessed to have received the support from the TNF. Thank you for all your help!

Amount received: $1,000







Nursing Research Grants (2015-2016)

tnf-research-grant-eydie-cloyd Karen Hande tnf-research-grant-carrie-plummer
Carrie Plummer
Karen Hande
Eydie Cloyd


Eydie Cloyd, JD, MSN, PMHNP-BC,Karen Hande, DNP, APN-BC, and Carrie Plummer, PhD, APN-BC, have received TNF Grant Funding for their research project Mindfulness Centered Stress Reduction for Nursing Students. The TNF Grant is helping fund Phase II of the research project. This project is being conducted by Vanderbilt University School of Nursing in collaboration with Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt.

Amount received: $3,990


Tennessee Action Coalition

The Tennessee Action Coalition has been well-supported by the Tennessee Nurses Foundation (TNF). The TNF initially supported a widely-viewed and well-received five-part webinar series titled Nurse Advocacy, Policymaking, and Full Practice Authority. On demand-viewing of the archived webinars continues. There have been over 600 unique participants for the series; many of participants have watched multiple webinars from the series. Ninety-two percent of the participants reported they were very satisfied or satisfied with the webinar they viewed.

We are now finishing phase 1 of a three-part economic impact analysis that was partially funded by the TNF, as well as an East Tennessee pharmacist, Tennessee APRN groups, Schools/Colleges of nursing, a regional TONE Council, and Baptist Memorial Health Care in Memphis. Phase 1 includes an extensive, integrated review of the economic impact of APRNs having full practice authority at both the state and national level.

Before we proceed with phase 2, we need to raise the remaining funds. Phase 2 of the study will include Tennessee-specific projections based on models developed from state and national results described in the phase 1 report. The results of phase 2 will be valuable in our work with members of the full practice authority task force, legislators during the next General Assembly, and other key stakeholders.

Amount received for both projects: $13,900