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TNA APN Listserv Terms of Usage

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The APRN listserv serves to create a platform for TNA members to discuss professional practice issues and is a safe, productive, and enjoyable environment for participants.

  • If you would like to send a personal response to one or more persons, please DO NOT hit the reply button.
  • ·      Personal messages should be sent by hitting the “forward” button then typing or copying and pasting the relevant email information into the message box. In the “TO” box, you will need to type the intended recipient’s email address. Personal emails, questions and comments should be sent off-list (i.e. “thank you,” “I agree,” “see you there”).  
  • ·      When posting a question, be sure that you title it with a concise, explanatory title in the subject line.
  • ·      Please include your name at the end of your messages and responses. Please add your email address under your name with each post. This will facilitate off-list discussion and direct responses when appropriate.
  • ·      To join group discussions, you merely need to hit the “reply” button to send the message to all the members of the listserv. Remember that each time you hit the reply button everyone will get the message. Your message WILL NOT be sent if you add another email address, other than the APRN listserv’s email address, in the “TO” box. You also CANNOT add an email address in the “CC” or “BCC” boxes.
  • If you must post a long message, please inform the other subscribers with a statement in the body of the message at the top. It is encouraged to summarize the message in the first paragraph.

To Subscribe, please send an email to kdenton@tnaonline.org and include your:

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  • RN license number

Allow 48 hours for your email address to be added to the listserv. You will receive a confirmation email after you are added with important instructions on using the listserv. Please read the message carefully, as it will also contain a generated password you will need to use to access the APRN Listserv Archives and change your personal preferences. TNA listservs are intended for nurses in Tennessee to discuss issues of importance related to their practice.