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2019  Session

Title Protection for Nursing-  SB743/HB422
(Sen. Hensley and Rep. Smith)
TNA Position: Support

Summary with Amendment: Prohibits the use of the title “nurse” or any other title, abbreviation, or designation in connection with the person’s name, occupation, or profession, that indicates or implies that the person is a practicing nurse, unless the person is actively licensed or certified by the Board of Nursing (BON). Authorizes the BON to petition any circuit or chancery court having jurisdiction to enjoin any person in violation of using the title “registered nurse”, “licensed practical nurse” or the title “nurse”.

Senate Status: 02/07/19 – Referred to Senate Health & Welfare Committee.

House Status: 03/07/19 – Set for House floor for 03/14/19.

Graduate Physicians Act -SB672/HB810
(Sen. Sen. Hensley and Rep. Kumar)
TNA Position: Oppose

Summary: Requires the board of medical examiners, in consultation with the board of osteopathic examination, to establish the process for licensure of graduate physicians. Define “graduate physician” and specifies that a graduate physician is considered a physician assistant for purposes of the regulations of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Also specifies that graduate physicians are subject to the supervision requirements established in any controlling federal law and any supervision requirements established by the board of medical examiners. In order to remain licensed as a graduate physician, requires the graduate physician to successfully complete Step 3 of the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) no later than one year from the date that the graduate obtained a graduate physician license. Specifies that if the graduate physician does not successfully complete Step 3 of the USMLE, then the graduate physician’s license must be revoked. Prohibits a graduate physician from practicing without a graduate physician collaborative practice arrangement. Defines “graduate physician collaborative practice arrangement” as an agreement between a licensed physician and a graduate physician that meets certain requirements. Establishes parameters for graduate physician collaborative arrangements.

Amendment Summary: House Facilities, Licensure, & Regulations Subcommittee amendment 1 (004588) redefines “graduate physician collaborative practice arrangement” establishing that this is a one-year agreement that can only be renewed for an one additional one-year period.

Senate Status: 02/07/19 – Referred to Senate Health & Welfare Committee.

House Status: 02/26/19 – Returned to House clerk’s desk after adopting amendment 1 (004588).

Doctor of Medical Science Act – SB884/HB1377
(Sen. Niceley and Rep. J. Sexton)
TNA Position: Oppose

Summary: Establishes procedure for an applicant to receive a doctor of medical science license. Requires the board of medical examiners to grant an applicant such a license if the applicant meet the following criteria: (1) previously has been licensed and served in clinical practice for at least three years in one or more states as a physician assistant; (2) is a graduate of a minimum two-year doctor of medical science program accredited by a regional body under the United States department of education; (3) has successfully completed the examination on the certification of doctors of medical science, with the examination determined by the board; and (4) provides satisfactory evidence of an affiliation or association with a hospital, group practice, or a list of physicians with medical expertise outside the expertise of the person seeking licensure as a doctor of medical science. For renewal of license, requires licensees to present satisfactory evidence to the board of medical examiners’ committee on doctors of medical science that the licensee in the year preceding the application for renewal successfully completed 100 hours of continuing medical education.

Senate Status: 02/11/19 – Referred to Senate Health & Welfare Committee.

House Status: 02/13/19 – Referred to House Facilities, Licensure & Regulations Subcommittee.

2019 Bill Report Final Bill Report 5-3-19

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2018 Session

 School Nurse Ratio Requirements – SB 534/ HB 503  SB 534/ HB 503
 School Nurse Ratio Requirements Talking Points  

Talking Points


 Palliative Care Task Force Report Final Report
Governor Haslam’s Comprehensive Plan to End Opioid Crisis in TN 

Opioid Legislation Graphic-  SB2257/HB1831


SB2257/HB1831 Graphic

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2019 Session



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