Legislative Priorities


2016 – 2017 Session

Concussion Legislation – SB1055/HB1099 SB1055/HB1099

SB523/HB756 – Redefining relationship between APRNs and Physicians regarding controlled substances SB523/HB756


 Scope of Practice Task Force Recommendations Recommendations
 Opioid Task Force   Click HERE to view video of past meetings
 Lara’s Law – HB923/SB813  HB923/SB813



2015 – 2016 Session

Healing Arts Scope of Practice Task Force
Full Practice Authority – SB1979/HB2088 SB1979/HB2088



Introduced Legislation


2016- 2017 Session



2015 – 2016 Session

Scope of Practice Task Force – SB1979/HB2088 SB1979/HB2088

Tennessee Healthcare Improvement Act of 2015 – SB521/HB861

  Tennessee Medical Association Legislation