What an incredible force RNs will have in the health care world if more nurses support their professional organization. There are 83,000 registered nurses in Tennessee, when you join TNA/ANA, you will become an integral part of a network of over 3 million nurses that speak for nursing…and more importantly, the profession will gain your much needed participation, support and expertise.

How much is protecting your license worth? Is protecting your license and being part of the decisions that affect your profession worth less than $1 a day? Your choice should be YES. Make TNA/ANA your choice today!

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JOIN TNA (State Only)


  • Clicking this button will direct you to ANA’s online membership application at
  • To proceed with your new membership, or membership renewal, click Join Now again on ANA’s site.
  • Important: Please enter the email address ANA has on file for you so that a new membership record will not be created for you.

Automatic Monthly Draft Payment Plan options are available and most members choose to pay this way because of its convenience.

TNA/ANA Full Membership

Includes Registered Nurses that are employed full or part-time.
Monthly: $24.67
Annual: $290.00

TNA/ANA Reduced Membership

Includes Registered Nurses who are newly-licensed graduates; not employed; RNs who are full-time students; or age 62+ and not earning more than Social Security allows.
Monthly: $12.59
Annual: $145.00

TNA/ANA Special Membership

Includes Registered Nurses who are age 62+ and not employed; or totally disabled Registered Nurses.
Monthly: $6.54
Annual: $72.20


TNA State Only Membership:
TNA State-Only membership is $199.00 annually or $17.09 per month on the automatic draft and includes membership in and benefits of the Tennessee Nurses Association and your TNA District Association.

Important: To join as a Tennessee Nurses Association state-only member, please go HERE. Note you will be joining Tennessee Nurses Association through the ANA website, but you will NOT be a member of ANA if you choose the state only membership.

If you have any questions regarding membership, please call 615-254-0350.