Public & Professional Relations Committee

The Committee on Operations shall;

    1) periodically review and interpret these Bylaws and prepare proposed amendments to these Bylaws or
        articles of incorporation, report them to the Board of Directors, and submit them to the House of

    2) review Bylaws of a group that applies to TNA for district association status in order to determine
        conformity with qualifications of districts and report its findings to the Board of Directors;

    3) advise district associations concerning proposed amendments to their Bylaws in order that they will not
        be in conflict with the Bylaws of this association;

     4) supervise the financial transactions of TNA, including the development and submission of an annual
        budget for the approval of the Board of Directors, supervising the keeping of TNA’s accounts, and
        supervising TNA’s operational costs;

     5) annually review TNA Policies and Procedures;

  6) and develop new policy and procedures as needed for approval of Board of Directors;

     7) evaluate and recommend to the Board of Directors any initiative which would aid in Long Range
        Planning; and

    8) evaluate and advise the Board of Directors on other issues as deemed appropriate.


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