The TNA District Educational Scholarship is an educational scholarship sponsored by the Tennessee Nurses Foundation (TNF) to all TNA District Associations in an amount up to $1,000 per fiscal year. TNF’s fiscal year is July 1 through June 30.

RN applicants must be a member of the TNA District Association of which you are applying and have been a continuous member of TNA for at least one year prior to the scholarship application, OR applicant shall be a non-licensed RN student in a nursing program within the TNA District Association you are applying. TNA members cannot be awarded outside of their own TNA District Association.

TNA District Scholarship Criteria Scholarship Application Deadline
District 1 D1 Criteria D1 Application Feb. 15 D1 Website
District 2 D2 Criteria D2 Application March 27 D2 Website
District 3 D3 Criteria D3 Application March 15 D3 Website
District 4 D4 Criteria D4 Application March 15 D4 Website
District 5 D5 Criteria D5 Application May 15 D5 Website
District 6 D6 Criteria D6 Application April 1 D6 Website
District 8 Not Yet Available Not Yet Available D8 Website
District 9 D9 Criteria D9 Application  April 1 D9 Website
District 10 D10 Criteria D10 Application May 15 D10 Website
District 12 D12 Criteria D12 Application  March 15 D12 Website
District 15 D15 Criteria D15 Application May 31 D15 Website

TNA District Associations